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Viral Sensation Saturday | 2.15.14 (Day 36)

Since yesterday was Valentine’s Day - let us dedicate this video and song to all the scorned lovers out there today.  This song is Shoulda Known Better from Honey Mahogany off her new EP, Honey Love.  The video is so beautiful and emotional and I mean look at that mug she is beat for days and days.  The song is pure perfection and it is something that I have been listening to on repeat since it came out late last week.  Honey is so talented and so beautiful, and I am so glad that she is out there dipping and doing it.  She had such an unfortunate elimination from RuPaul’s Drag Race last season I just wish she had morn chances to bring these looks and all of the beauty she has out.  Thankfully, unlike most queens who kind of fall to the wayside of relevancy after their appearances, Honey is hopefully here to stay.  Between her music, her acting, and her still amazing drag career she should have no problem being successful, especially with all her HONEYbees behind her. 

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